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Juliet’s story: the very beginning


Dear Juliet, for the past 9 months you have been a part of our little family. High time to tell the story how it all began and how we planned and dreamed about the moment you would finally be with us.

31st july 2014 – 7/8 weeks

An otherwise quiet evening turned into something exciting, because i bought a pregnancy test! I hadn’t been feeling too well the last couple of days (headache and really tired). But then again i thought it was probably nothing…And then i saw 2 lines on the test…uh…where’s the manual of this thing…checking again..still 2 stripes visible. Ok so i’ll take a picture to be sure ( why on earth would that help me?! haha photographer brain) Ok I’m pregnant. Ok YES i’m pregnant #Hooray. But wait a minute, my husband won’t be home for about 3 hours. I have to wait till then?! OMG (note: that where the longest 3 hours of my life)

17th august 2014 – 10 weeks

Today i made a first picture of my not so very much showing babybelly. But still it’s a nice memory. You see my happy face?! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is also the day we went to a family birthday party. Nobody knows yet. When they offer me a glass of champagne i politely refuse and say i’m taking some painkillers cause of backache. A little white lie ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next week we’ll have the very first ultrasound scan. Soo looking forward to that!

20th august: 9 weeks ultrasound scan

Yay! Good news: the little hart is beating just fine and everything seems to be ok. The gyneacologist seems to be quite sure about the gender of our little one: it’s going to be a girl! When we get home i make a copy of the ultrasound scan and giftwrap it. Then we went to see my parents in law (his mother will become godmother) and we gave the wrapped ultrasound to her. We said: “we bought something”. She almost had a heart attack because she thought we had bought a house or something and didn’t tell her. Of course the suprise was even bigger when she opened it! They were both trilled with the idea of becoming grandparents soon and didn’t talk about anything else for the entire evening! ๐Ÿ™‚


2th september 2014: 11 weeks

Today we leave for a well deserved holiday to Lissabon, Portugal. We’re really looking forward to this, hence it’s our last vacation just the two of us.

29 th september 2014 – 15 weeks

Not a fun day today, cause my love has to have surgery. He played volleyball for years and has a muscle injury that has to be corrected. It’s a planned surgery but still i’m a nervous wreck. I sit in an empty hospital room the entire day and as the hours pass by all thoughts go through my head. I’m beginning to panic a little so i ask to call the OR twice! Those damn #hormones. But they assure me everything’s ok. When he finally gets back from recovery i burst into tears. I’m sooo relieved everything’s ok!

19 th oktober 2014 – 17 weeks

Things have been bad the last couple of weeks. My love can’t sleep because his shoulder hurts like hell. So neither any sleep for me. I lie on the couch instead but after a few days my back begins to hurt. Auwtch. Luckily after a few weeks he starts to feel better. No more zombies in the house. We even feel good enough to take some pictures again. This time you can see a little babybump already ๐Ÿ™‚

28-31 oktober The Ostuni Wedding Workshop – 21 weeks

In february i booked a wedding workshop in Italy (not knowing i would be pregnant by then) But flying at 21 weeks is no problem at all so i’m going!! Together with my good photography friend Leentje we hop on a plain an have the time of our life. We learned so much from this workshop. And the food was fabulous and i ate and ate. Did i mention the food was fabulous?! ๐Ÿ™‚

(picture of me made by Leentje Schoofs)2016-01-07_00472016-01-07_00482016-01-07_0049

When i got back from the workshop i started to feel the need to buy things for the little one. I started to need a lot of fluffy cute pink things ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny detail: before this pregnancy i hated the colour pink! So i went to baby stores and tried to prevent myself from buying the whole store empty. To counter all those pink thoughts here’s a picture of a nice grey neutral Noukie’s collection haha! (I bought the fabric white container with the grey stars below btw)

19 december 2014 – 27,5 weeks

I’m feeling awesome, sleeping and eating well. No nausea or any pains and aches. My day’s are filled with doing laundry, brainstorming about the concept of my birth card (i’m making it myself), buying x-mas gifts, pinteresting…

22th december 2014 -( confusing) ultrasound scan at 28 weeks

You’ll never guess what happened: the gyneacologist goes: “So this looks like a healthy BOY” Uh? How did that happen? I say to her: “the previous 2 scans it was a healthy GIRL for sure they said” (another gyneaco) “Well” she goes on, “time will tell then…” (i thought :Hell no, i want to know right now) ๐Ÿ™‚ #freakingout #babygendermixup

24th december 2014: Good friend has a beautifull baby girl

Dear Louane, you are so cute. I can’t wait to have my own little girl in my arms (yes i’m sticking with the girl gender they are not confusing me!) Still 12 weeks to goo pfffff!!!!

8th january 2015 – 30 weeks

Today i visit my mother, it’s her birthday and we want to surprise her with a visit (my parents live 1,5 h away from me and my sister). We TRY to make a selfie but i’ts a totale failure. We giggle the whole time!!

10th january 2015 – start sewing course

Yes life is full of surprises. Never thought i would be the one to start sewing lessons, but i’ve got this idea to make babyclothes and need help with that. I also want to make a custom bunting for my baby girl to take with me to the hospital. So here it goes. The next 4 weeks you can find me and 10 other woman in a sewing class in Antwerp! (btw i’m starting to have issues with walking around at the fast pase i’m used to).

17 january 2015 – photoshoot at 31 weeks

Pictures pictures pictures, a big part of my life evolves around it. Usually client’s pictues. But i never really had a lot of pictures of me, and of me and my love. And what better time than when you’re expecting a little one to have a shoot? So i asked good friend and photographer Dries (Vormkrijger) if he would help me out with this. The result is super fabulous. It was a could day (you can tell because of the beany on my head – i’m not a hat person!) Andย  you were kicking the entire time. But we made some very cool memories for you. Big thanks Dries!

26th january – Ultrasound at 32 weeks

Ultrasounds are always exciting, and also a bit frightening i guess. Because you feel well, and expect the little one to be the same but there’s always that little voice in your head that sais: ‘what if’..

Luckily you were doing great as always. And we got a little more confirmation that indeed you are a GIRL. You are weighing aprox. 1560 gr. The only thing is: you are upside down, or NOT upside down yet when you should normally be around this time. But the gyneacologist assured me there’s still time for you to flip ๐Ÿ™‚ So go ahead and do that will you little one!


It’s cold and bad weather so i’m staying inside and continue to work on the design of the birth card. We didn’t choose your name, this is just a try-out….

29th january 2015

A real babybelly for sure. Lucky for me i don’t have any stripes (yet). Thank you mom for those good genes ๐Ÿ˜‰

8th february 2015 – 34 weeks

Finally a baby room in the making! My boyfriend could stand my whining any longer i guess. ( how would you feel in a month or so this little one will be here and she doesn’t have a bed or anything yet!) So he called his good friend Steve to help out. Afterwards he also handmade the design i drew (a little closet without doors) to be the display of the birth sweets. How nice to have a handy man when you need one ๐Ÿ˜‰

18th february- 35,5 weeks

Ultrasound day again. You gained some weight again (me too) and weigh 2300 gr. Unfortunately you are still in breech position. So next appointment the gyneacologist is going to try to manualy flip you upside down.

Meanwhile i’m still working on your customized bunting i plan to hang in the hospital room. I can’t share my work with anybody, because we have agreed on your name and it’s on it! ๐Ÿ™‚

23rd february 2015 – 36 weeks

I got some fabulous gifts today: 30 to be exact. One for each remaining day of my pregnancy. How awesome is that! Thanks so much Ellen!

2nd March 2015 – ultrasound 37 weeks and trying to flip you over

After today’s ultrasound scan they told us that you were still in breech so in a final attempt to avoid a c-section the gyneacologist suggested to try and manipulate you to flip you to the other side.ย  I agreedt to this because it has always been my wish to have a natural birth.

After 3 attempts he gave in: you wouldn’t move an inch. An honestly: i was soo happy it was over. I would never recommend doing this and for all the money in the world would i ever let any doctor do this again. It was unbelievably painfull, i can’t descibe it. It felt like a big kick in the stomach and all my intestines scrambled together. At the same time you are emotional and scared that it could hurt your baby.

Luckily they check with an ultrasound afterwards and you were just fine.

Conclusion: a planned c-section on the 17th of March!

A few days later i get started with the birth sweets and my customised gift packaging (i made it all myself). I also finalised the design of the birth card. #iamproudofmyselfย  ๐Ÿ™‚


And some extra mini-bunting (and yes that’s my big belly you see at the bottom of the picture)

And then it’s finally happening: tomorrow you will be born and we will be parents for life. And the funny thing is : nobody knows! You are our big ‘little’ secret!

To celebrate we go to the Viemetย  to have our final diner for two.

The story continues of course, a lot of tears and cute baby faces -> next week on my blog!

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